Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In-app billing - first impressions

So finally Google has released in-app billing for the android market. It is also documented and bundled with a sample app to use for testing, learning and as a demo.

Here is my two cents on what I want to see in next in-app billing updade:

1:st cent Make it easier to test for the developer!

I have spent a night or three browsing the sample code (Dungeons!) and trying to make it work for me, only to be slapped by INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR each time I tried to buy something.

The error was far from internal and service related - in fact - it was I who had foreseen this little sentence:

"You cannot use your developer account to test the complete in-app purchase process because Google Checkout does not let you buy items from yourself."

So to be able to actually try the in-app billing I need to factory reset my phone - hook it to a different Google account - register VISA-credentials (Google checkout). Then - I can install my apk and try this new feature. Puh..

Now that I've done all this - I'll have to make a refund from the merchant account - or I've lost 30% to Google. This leads to ...

2:nd cent: Give us micro payments!
Minimum price is same as for apps: $.99 | .50€ | SEK 7:-
Thats pretty much for in-app payments - VISA can handle cents, it must be possible to divide in to 30% - so theoretically $.03 | €.03 | SEK 0:03 could be minimum -

Yeah, I'm ready to give Google that extra 3% for this ;)

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