Friday, January 28, 2011

TravAlert soon coming to android market

We are about to publish our first android app on the market. It will be (yet another) app for the ever so popular browser game Travian.

As the name suggests, its primary functions is to alert you when any village has an incoming attack.

Travian Android Apps

When I started the development from scratch there where no travian apps on the market - now there is already four! At the time of writing three of these are in beta testing and doesn't provide much functionality. This might end up in a feature-race against "competing" apps or we might branch out and provide different functionality. Hey who knows - we might end up co-operate using intents to launch each other apps ;)

Search market for 'travian'

Android Preference Icon

This might be old news, but I recently realized that the default menu icon for settings in android has was changed for android API 5 (Version 2.0). Gone is the ol' edgy and aggressive hammer 'n wrench and in is the new sleeker ├╝ber-rounded tuning knob.

Eclair style
Old style

Which one do you prefer?

Did you know that you can find all the android default icons inside your android/platform/platform-{api-lvl}/res/drawables?