Travian android application

TravAlert is an android application that will make Travian addicted gamers enjoy their free time. No more guilt feelings of not checking your account every 10 minutes. TravAlert will do that for you. If any of your villages are under attack, rest assured that you will be notified.
TravAlert Premium
TravAlert Lite
TravAlert comes in two versions, Premium and Lite. Premium version will allow you to monitor multiple accounts on different Travian servers while the free Lite version is restricted to one server.


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Features and version roadmap

Current Features
  • Travian 4 (T4)
  • About ~300k installed
  • Widget for service start/stop
  • Notification - incoming attacks
  • Notification - no incoming attacks
  • Notification - invalid login credentials
  • Notification - invalid url/travian not found
  • Notification - system message blocking (survey, released artifacts, etc)
  • Set any ring tone for each notification-type
  • Set update interval

Roadmap of coming major features
1.3.0 - Notify full warehouse/granary, empty granary
1.4.0 - Notify of available adventures (T4 only)
1.5.0 - Snapshot of village status
2.0.0 - Interact with village?

Screen shots